Family Law and De facto Relationships

Family Law and De facto Relationship issues are part and parcel of today’s society. They can be very emotive and, without proper legal counselling, can escalate to completely unnecessary and expensive outcomes.

It is a fact of life that not all relationships in life work out but that does not mean that they need to be settled in a Court by a Judge.

If you are currently involved in a Family Law or De facto relationship dispute, you need to obtain expert legal advice. MDL Law is expert in the raft of issues that face people when these situations occur.

We aim to address your needs and bring about a resolution as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We understand that people need to move on with their lives and our Lawyers can help you do that.

Whilst your problem may seem overwhelming, there is a way through. Our goal is to find a resolution that suits your needs.

Our team has particular experience in:

  • Property Settlements (including Spousal Maintenance and Superannuation Splitting);
  • Children and Parenting Issues;
  • Divorce Applications;
  • Binding Financial Agreements, (including Pre and Post-nuptial Agreements);
  • Child Support Agreements; and
  • De facto matters.

In reality, only a small percentage of all Family Law or De facto Relationship matters are decided by a Judge, leaving the majority of cases to be resolved by agreement between the parties. This is the preferred outcome in most instances so that, with the appropriate advice and with both parties being willing to strive to reach an agreement, this can be achieved.

We understand that some matters require delicate negotiation, whereas others are dealt with by a more forceful approach. Either way, be assured that we will be with you every step of the way.

Our Lawyers form an important part of the overall process. We set out to achieve the best possible result by informing you of your entitlements and obligations, and then negotiating on your behalf.

We believe it is more empowering and beneficial for our clients to make their own life-changing decisions. In our experience, if you and your partner are able to resolve the matters that you are in dispute about, you will experience a degree of satisfaction that certainly cannot be guarantees if a Judge is required to make a decision.

We have also acted for many people intending to marry or commence cohabitation with another person, and who require advice. Australian Law currently permits couples who intend to marry or commence living together in a De facto Relationship, to enter into Binding Financial Agreements. As these need to comply with the provisions of the Family Law Act, it is very important that you obtain our professional advice.

Talk to us about how we may assist you with any matter related to Family Law or De facto Relationship Law.