Peter Le Souef - Solicitor - Partner

Peter Le Souef has been in practice as a Lawyer for over 35 years and is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Peter’s primary focus is on disputes between partners to a marriage or a de facto relationship and encompasses advising on the manner in which the Family Law Act 1975 operates insofar as making arrangements for children and the distribution of property.

Peter has extensive experience in handling complex matters and has appeared regularly in both the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

More recently, Peter has developed a preference for investigating the suitability and, if so suitable, encouraging mediated settlements . To this end, in 2019, Peter obtained accreditation as a Mediator and became a member of the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitration and Mediators. In 2020 Peter completed the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution and in doing so, is now registered with the Attorney General’s Department in Canberra as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. In that capacity, Peter is in a position to conduct Family Dispute Resolution where:

  • parents, grandparents or others with a relationship to children of the relationship are having difficulties in resolving issues relevant to such children. If that process is unsuccessful in resolving parenting issues, Peter is then able to issue what is called a Section 60I Certificate which will enable a parent or such other person as defined in section 65C of the Family Law Act 1975 to approach the Court to pursue Orders in relation to parenting matters.
  • The parties are in disagreement regarding how property is to be divided

Peter is available to conduct Family Dispute Resolution and Mediations, to assist clients in relation to property and children’s issues whether arising out of marriage, de facto relationship or otherwise.

In addition, where  there has been a breakdown of the marriage or de facto relationship, and mediation or FDR is not practicable, Peter is available to act on a party's behalf to secure a fair and equitable settlement in respect to property matters and a result which is in the best interests of children.

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Direct line : 9771 6705

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