Civil Litigation

The Partners of MDL Law are also experienced in the area of Civil Litigation.

Civil litigation is where parties are involved in dispute and require assistance to resolve that dispute. It can involve an individual, an organisation, a government authority or a commercial litigant.

One thing is vital in such cases: early advice from an experienced professional.

A number of civil litigation cases stem from professional and business relationships where a dispute has arisen or a misunderstanding has developed. These matters require clear and sensible resolutions whilst ensuring that your legal rights are protected.

Many people find such matters very stressful - indeed most people go through life without such an occurrence happening to them. The main thing to do is to get good advice and let us help you to ensure your interests are protected.

Our goal at MDL Law is to instigate a process of resolution which achieves an outcome for our client where Court proceedings are not required.

However, if the matter does go to Court, then we are there to represent your best interests and to ensure you are treated lawfully and correctly.

We will always strive to resolve matters without a Court appearance wherever possible. If the matter does require the jurisdiction of a Court, then we will represent you with the view of achieving the most positive and satisfactory outcome for you.

We know from experience that some matters are unsuitable for litigation. The bottom line for ourselves and our clients is to facilitate the most cost-effective, legal, and commercially realistic resolutions.

MDL Law offers expert advice and legal representation in many legal areas including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency
  • Contractual disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Planning and environment
  • Debt mediation